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Remy van Kesteren releases new single 'avril 14th'

09 mar 23

Dutch Harpist Remy van Kesteren releases his new single ‘avril 14th’ today. The song is an adaptation and own musical interpretation of Aphex Twin's 'Avril 14th'. The official music video is shot in one of the studios of STMPD where the recording process took place. 

''I studied hard to replicate the mechanical timing of the original, but it wasn't until I interpreted it the way I wanted it that the work really started to make sense to me. Instead of an effortless computer, you feel the real struggle and emotion of a human being playing this music and that's what breathes new life into this version.’’

Luka announces EP ‘Director in the Dark’ with new single ‘Raven’s Nest’

17 feb 23

Luka releases her new single 'Raven's Nest' today. The song is about feeling estranged to a place that once felt familiar and the second song leading up to upcoming EP ‘Director in the Dark’, which will be released on April 7th. For this song Luka played with the contrast of having a catchy melody dressed in undestined textures and mysterious strings, to amplify this feeling.

De Toegift release long-awaited self-titled debut album

27 jan 23

De Toegift release their long-awaited self-titled debut album today! The album features ten songs, on which the previously released EPs (‘En ik kon alles zien’ & ‘Nooit, misschien’) will be united with previously unreleased material. A musical journey through memories, delusions and fantasies. Always looking for experiment, authenticity and the perfect song, the band plays with themes about time and nostalgia.

De Toegift announce their self titled debut album

25 nov 22

De Toegift announced their self titled debut album with the release of new single ‘Licht als stof’. The album will be released on the 27th of January 2023. ‘Licht als stof’ is guided by nostalgia and the deep desire to get lost in complete nothingness for a while. The single comes with a beautiful black and white video.

Listen to the single and pre-order the record on CD or Vinyl here.


Luka releases new single 'Something Somewhere'

21 oct 22

Luka releases new single ‘Something Somewhere’ today. The song paints a feeling of the mystical glare that drives another. It’s the glow of inspiration that keeps us moving. It got started on a writing-trip with some friends, among musicians Joep Le Blanc (ZES) and Guido Nederstigt (Darlyn). After that she collaborated on the song with her team members Joost Wesseling (Luwten) and Wannnes Salomé (Klangstof, Nana Adjoa).




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