Ballads for the Heathens or DyingBart van der Lee




Bart van der Lee

Ballads for the Heathens or Dying

CD / Digital
Released: 06 Sep 2013

It seems like it has been quiet around Bart van der Lee, since his 2010 album 'Between Tall Pine Trees (Sadness & Thunder)', but a lot has happened in these three years. Van der Lee became a father. He found happiness, love and hope outside of religion, and took distance from it.

Inspired and strengthened he writes and records his new album 'Ballads for the Heathens or Dying' on which he sings about the sadness of letting go, but also of that what was missed. Raw, autobiographical lyrics, sung by a dark, raspy voice, in honest songs. A staggering ode to life.

Press on Ballads for the Heathens or Dying

★★★★ "A surprising and special album" – Ingeplugd

★★★★ – Written in Music

“A sublime release” – Mousique

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