Lost Bear




Favorite word: hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia.
Genre: Shoegaton.
Costume: G-Strings & Spandex.
Lost Bear is a 6-piece rockband from Utrecht, formed in 2007. With a wide range of influences and two drummers they create a sound somewhere in between indierock, powerpop, noiserock, classic rock, etc., saying “Hi” to bands like Pavement, Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Joan of Arc, Built To Spill, Pearl Jam, Guided by Voices and At The Drive-In. “Neo-indie” some might say.

Live they bring an emotional yet energetic and chaotic mix of both poppy and intense songs, and did so with bands like Joan of Arc, The Lemonheads and Parts & Labor in countries like Holland, France, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia and Kosovo.

Their new EP (out on 12" transparant vinyl) sounds more powerful and catchy than ever, but without losing their solid rock of energy.

Press on Lost Bear
“THE 2011 act of Utrecht” – 3voor12/utrecht
“The Dutch promise for 2010” – Kindamuzik
“Indierock rarely sounded as fantastic as Lost Bear” – OOR/Theo Ploeg
“Shingolai is a strong EP” – Podiuminfo
“Wonderful! We want more!” – MusicMaker
“Recommended for lo-fi poprock lovers” – Up Magazine
“Very catchy and sympathetic. A sparky, soulful release.” – Incendiary Magazine


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Vinyl / Digital • Released: 2012

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CD / Digital • Released: 2011


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