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Ian Fisher is a little man with a big voice, who is based in Berlin, Germany, and was raised on a farm in Missouri, USA. He has played hundreds of concerts all over the world. His songs, like the man himself, are short, simple, and honest. He is a 21st century Country musician… just without a country. ‘Nero’, his debut album as Ian Fisher, is out now on Snowstar Records. Nero’ was born in early 2014 when Ian brought a few dozen songs to Berlin. Before the album was done it had spilled over into three different studios, two bedrooms, and one concrete basement (with no toilet) in Berlin, Hamburg, and Vienna. “The album has a lot to do with the destruction of who you once were in order to become something different.” Fisher explains. “I’ve really lost my Americanism, the majority of it anyway, and one of the reasons why I’ve turned back to country music is in an attempt to find a part of me that I lost.”
Press on Nero
★★★★ - "captivates from the first till the last note" – Lust for Life (NL)
★★★★ - "a special album, which intensifies in strength and immersion every time one listens to it" - Festivalinfo (NL)
★★★★ - "buy this beautiful record - Altcountry (NL)
"8/10""Beautiful, authentic Americana songs" – Muzine (NL)
"a venomous and beautiful album" – Ingeplugd (NL)
"in a bittersweet way one experiences the purity, simplicity and perseverance of his rootsmusic" – Kindamuzik (NL)
"Sheer beauty in music" - Wonomagazine (NL)
"I want to live in this tangible, symbolic and above all beautiful palace of Fisher" - Subjectivisten (NL)
"A very special and very beautiful records, which appeared on the Dutch Snowstar Records; quality guaranteed" – Krenten uit de Pop (NL)


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CD • Released: 2016

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CD / Vinyl / Digital • Released: 2016