Ritual: Starting up my Pentium4.. It takes so much time I can make myself some nice coffee. I love this moment full of expectations on what will came out of my hands today. Loves to tell stories about: Vintage keyboards, the Holy Bible, ex-girlfriends, hiking, bad coffee, recordings, good coffee.. Favorite food: vegetarian and most important: enough!
Herrek is based around guitarist and singer Gerrit van der Scheer. Gerrit gained fame with his former bands Bonne Aparte and Adept, but chooses for a more personal approach with Herrek. Gerrit grew up in a missionary family in Kaisah, a small village with 300 inhabitants on Papua, Indonesia, which you could only get to via the river Digul. The Papuans pronounced Gerrit as Herrek and their debut album 'Waktu Dulu' (justly proclaimed "Best music from across the map" by The Guardian) is a dark and folky approach to capture Gerrit's childhood years on Papua.EP 'A M' takes you to their world; an introspective, more acoustic, stripped down world, where the song speaks for itself, but where Van der Scheer's deep, warm voice still catches your attention. The five songs of this new EP are about memories and dreams. All have been created in the silence of the night, and influenced by red wine intoxication. Hence the title; A M; the time of creating this record, and the adviced time to listen to it.
Press on Herrek
★★★★ "Beautiful debut" – Nederlands Dagblad"
★★★★ "A fascinating listening experience" – 8weekly (BE)
“Beautiful slow, sometimes slightly mystical folksongs” – OOR “Best music from across the map” – The Guardian (UK) “Fantastic slowcore” – Perfect Porridge (US)“A very authentic sound” – Keys&Chords (BE) “Un altro buon colpo targato Snowstar” – Ondarock (IT)


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CD • Released: 2013

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Waktu Dulu

CD / Vinyl / Digital • Released: 2013