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Usually, Bart van der Lee is quite a happy guy. However, from a musical perspective things are a bit different since he prefers minor chords and has a weakness for the dark side of life. The result of a merger between a giddy happy boy and a gloomy guy who digs into the deep caverns of the soul?

Raw, autobiographic texts sung by a deep, slightly grating voice and unpolished, honest music. Together with his olive green Gretsch, Bart plays a bewildering ode to real life. So far, he sang that ode in three albums, of which the last two were released by Snowstar Records, and in dozens of performances.

Press on Bart Van der Lee
★★★★ "A beautiful album that could become a classic" – MusicMaker
“A great promise for the future” –
“A raw version of Jose Gonzales” – NL Tracks
"The modern successor of Leonard Cohen" - OOR
"These songs seize me by the throat.. a sublime release" - Mousique
"Great album!" - RifRaf
"The result is simply heaven." - Subjectivisten


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Ballads for the Heathens or Dying

CD / Digital • Released: 2013


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