Snowstar Records is a Dutch indie label founded in 2003 by Cedric Muyres. It grew from a hobby and a creative outlet into a house full of boxes and a passion that lasted. Back in the days, Snowstar Records was about punkrock and DIY. Since then the attitude stuck, but the genre shifted towards calmer music. Nowadays a typical Snowstar Records release would be indie/folk/singer/songwriter-esque. Although the main reason (actually, the only reason) why we release music is still because we believe our releases are crazy-good and should be heard by everyone. Fortunately, that's not limited to genres.

Snowstar Records is based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We're proud to be part of a very interesting music scene here that you can explore by clicking 'artists' on the top of this page. Everyone in our roster knows each other and helped shape both the label and this scene by contributing in their own way. Some of the bands even share members, or have at least shared stages. The Snowstar family is about Doing It Together. So if you'd like to help out, organize a party or if you just have a great idea, please get in touch.

Snowstar Records celebrated its 12,5 year anniversay in 2016 and won a 3VOOR12/Utrecht award in 2013 for best initiative of the city. 12,5 years of celebrating independent, good, beautiful music. That's what we do and will continue to do for years to come. We hope you like what you hear and if so, please share. And come visit a show to say hi.