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Donna Blue releases new single 'Fantasy Girl'

03 nov 23

Donna Blue's sensual and atmospheric single 'Fantasy Girl' is a first glimpse of the upcoming bilingual album 'Into the Realm of Love,' expected to be released in March 2024. With a dreamy and chic 1960s sound, the song captures the allure of the online world.

"The lyrics personify the temptation of the online world, calling to you like a modern-day mythical siren," explains Donna Blue. "It constantly lurks, enticing you to fall in love with a fantasy version of yourself and others."

Their new album follows their debut 'Dark Roses' (2022) and will be available next year on vinyl, CD, and streaming via Snowstar Records.

Following the album's release in March 2024, Donna Blue will embark on an extensive European tour in spring 2024 with confirmed dates so far:

April 24, 2024: Le Hasard Ludique, Paris, France
April 26, 2024: Hebebühne, Hamburg, Germany
April 27, 2024: Kantine am Berghain, Berlin, Germany

For tour tickets go to bluedonnablue.com
Fantasy Girl is out now on all streaming platforms.

Kim Janssen takes on moniker 'Cape Sleep' and releases first single and video 'Telephone'

06 oct 23

Cape Sleep is the new band name of Dutch artist Kim Janssen, who previously released three albums and an EP under his own name.

Awash with dreamy synths and shiny guitars and motored by a driving bass guitar courtesy of Moss frontman Marien Dorleijn, the song has a tinge of melancholy and gravitas that might make you think of an old Springsteen ballad.

‘Telephone’ is accompanied by a music video shot on 16mm film, directed by Kim Janssen himself. The video features a girl in a white dress on rollerskates teleporting through a series of curtains.

‘Telephone’ is now available for streaming on all platforms
Watch the music video here

Live dates will be announced soon.

I Am Oak releases CD version of 'Odd Seeds'

22 sep 23

The 2020 I am Oak release 'Odd Seeds' was released on double LP and cassette. Ever since it came out people have been asking for a CD version. Now, thanks to our Japanese friends from Signpole Records, here it is: The Japanese CD release of 'Odd Seeds'.

'Odd Seeds' is a selection of 26 reinterpretations of songs from the I Am Oak back catalog, ranging from before the debut album until the most recent album 'Osmosis'.

The Japanese CD release of Odd Seeds is available now on the Snowstar Records Webshop

Remy van Kesteren releases new album ‘Muses’

25 aug 23

Dutch harpist Remy van Kesteren releases his new album ‘Muses’ today, on Snowstar Records. The album features previously released singles ‘avril 14th’ and ‘crown’. Named after the nine Muses of inspiration from Ancient Greek Mythology, ‘Muses’ explores Remy’s musical inspiration through nine composers that have had and continue to have a major influence on his musical journey.

Remy explains: “For this record I chose to rework some of the songs from some of my favorite bands and artists such as Aphex Twin, Radiohead, Kendrick Lamar, Bon Iver, and Sibelius. Combining my harp and its rich heritage with musical worlds where the instrument is completely unknown sheds new light on these musical gems. This enriches the palette of the harp, an instrument that was once limited to just classical music but is now genre-free and sounds like you've never heard it before”.

Muses is out now on all streaming platforms and available on CD and vinyl in the Snowstar Records webshop.

Broeder Dieleman releases new album ‘Oh mijn ziel’

18 aug 23

Broeder Dieleman releases his new and sixth studio album 'Oh mijn ziel' today. The album contains 10 songs, including the previously released single 'Ochtendvier'. 'Oh mijn ziel' is an album of surrender and bewilderment. Above all, it became a record in which Tonnie Dieleman relinquished control more than ever, putting trust and affection in like-minded artists and historical figures.

One of these like-minded people is Baby Dee (Drag City, Domino), the originally American artist who has been living in the Dutch province of Zeeland for a full decade now. Dee co-wrote the bulk of the songs on Oh mijn ziel, which translates to ‘Oh my soul’. "The album title comes straight from a Psalm, Psalm 42," says Dieleman. “It is also Dee's favorite psalm, something that connects us together very much. It's funny that you come from two completely different worlds, and that Psalm 42 is what binds us together.”

‘Oh mijn ziel’ is now available for streaming on all platforms. The record is available in stores and can be ordered via the Snowstar Records webshop.




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