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Will I Wake (Single)

I Am Oak
Will I Wake (Single)

Released: 23 Feb 2018

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'Will I Wake' is the first single from the band from Utrecht, the Netherlands around singer Thijs Kuijken. The song diverts from their recognizable guitar sound. All previous material was written with guitar at it's core, but lately I Am Oak has been experimenting with the piano. So now the band's sound has changed significantly, but without losing the typical I Am Oak feel. This makes 'Will I wake' the perfect example of how I Am Oak is continuously looking for ways to renew their music.
Thijs Kuijken about ‘Will I Wake’:
“’Will I Wake’ revolves around the tenderness and impermanence of memories and how they can be clear for one moment and incomplete, distorted, seemingly incoherent and fading the next.”