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Uut de bron

broeder Dieleman
Uut de bron

Released: 27 Nov 2015

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On November 27th 2015 ‘Literary Production house Wintertuin’ and Snowstar Records released a book plus cd by broeder Dieleman. This special release is called ‘Uut de bron’, the book is a bundle of all broeder Dieleman lyrics, including those of the new album under the same title. The album ‘Uut de bron’ contains new songs, instrumental pieces and field recordings that weave together into a well crafted whole: A small hour of new musics, conversations and soundscapes from the Zealandic Flanders of broeder Dieleman.

This release was a limited release of 500 hand numbered copies and sold out in less than a month. Because we want this album to be heard, We reissued the album as a unique handmade release with a random cover photo shot by broeder Dieleman, all signed, and every copy is unique. You'll never know what you get. All sleeves are hand written by the singer himself.