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Something To Fight With Reissue / Tour Edition

Town of Saints
Something To Fight With Reissue / Tour Edition

Released: 19 Sep 2014

CD € 14,00
Vinyl € 19,00
Digital € 12,00 Buy album on bandcamp

This is a reissue of the debut album of Town of Saints. The vinyl version is a limited edition and comes handnumbered in bright orange vinyl. The four bonustracks are not on the vinyl, but you will receive them as download with your record.

Dutch/Finnish Town of Saints is based in Groningen, the Netherlands, but isn't home often. Started out as street- musicians when the couple Harmen Ridderbos (vocals/guitar) and Heta Salkolahti (violin/vocals) met each other in Austria, they've been constantly touring Europe since.

This is the modern folkband's debut album that combines their traditional folk sound with modern indie rock elements. It was released October 4, 2013. An album full of songs about the struggle of understanding the world around you. Sharp lyrics about what to do with life at the end of your twenties, when everything needs to be beautiful and meaningful, and whether that even matters. But instead of a dark tone, Ridderbos tries to battle the melancholy with hope, resignation and sarcasm: "I guess it's something you fight with"

Press on Something to Fight With

★★★★★ – Mousique
★★★★★ – MusicfromNL
"A brilliant debut that should reach a huge audience since there is not one bad song on it" – OOR