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Singing, Dancing, Drinking

The Fire Harvest
Singing, Dancing, Drinking

Released: 06 May 2016

CD € 14,00
Vinyl € 19,00

'Singing, Dancing, Drinking' will be the first The Fire Harvest album.

For recording 'Singing, Dancing, Drinking' Daniel Romano and Kenneth Meehan joined the band in the studio. Guitarist Nicolai Adolfs met the duo at a show in Duisburg, where Romano turned out to be interested in producing the album. A few weeks later, eight tracks were recorded. The sound of the band reminds of the glory days of (alt)country, slowcore and (post)punk; a time in which the bandmembers were formed musically. The eight songs on the album are featured by a modest but dynamic character. Two of the Dutch leading labels, Snowstar and Subroutine Records, team up for the first time for the release of the album.