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Komma (Pre-Order)

broeder Dieleman
Komma (Pre-Order)

Released: 07 Sep 2018

CD € 35,00
Vinyl € 50,00
Digital € 10,00 Buy on Bandcamp

This is a pre-order! Release: 07 September 2018

This release is limited to 500 CD's and 500 LP's, which are all signed and hand numbered.

Komma is a double album and a photobook in one, and tells the story about Het Krekengebied (creek area) of the ‘Land of Axel’. Next to a record with songs, played with band, this piece of art will also have a second record. This consists of an instrumental ode to one specific creek: ‘t Gat van Pinte. The Pictures are the result of roaming on the shores somewhere between Zaamslag and Spui for over two years.

The music and images form a tribute to the mysterious creeks of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, a country of water sides. ‘Komma’ has become a true work of art, with the music and photography taking you to the place where broeder Dieleman lives and writes his music in a beautiful fashion.