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Celebrate (Pre-Order)

Town of Saints
Celebrate (Pre-Order)

Released: 05 Oct 2018

CD € 15,00
Vinyl € 22,00
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This is a pre-order! Releasedate: 05 October 2018

After releasing ‘No Place Like This’, Town of Saints’ latest album, there was a year full of tours and festivals. Following this there was a period of reflection, where almost was decided to stop. This plan changed when Harmen and Heta all of a sudden played some duo shows again. All the way back to the beginning, achieving as much as possible with as few resources as possible. Subsequently there was inspiration for new music, with new album ‘Celebration’ as a result. Harmen, singer of Town of Saints, about the new album: “How will we behave when the 'end of the world' is suddenly imminent? "Celebrate" is not about the end of the world itself, but about human behaviour around the apocalypse. At the same time, it stands for leaving behind a chaotic, unpredictable time.”