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Released: 13 Dec 2013

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It was only February this year that Herrek presented their debut album 'Waktu Dulu'. An intriguing slowcorefolk release about frontman Gerrit van der Scheer's youth on Papua, Indonesia in which the band takes the listener to their own world like no other. Justly proclaimed "Best music from across the map" by The Guardian (UK).

Only 10 months later, Gerrit (or Herrek, as the Papuans pronounced his name) again takes you to a new world of his own. This world is introspective, more acoustic, stripped down, where the song speaks for itself, but where Van der Scheer's deep, warm voice still catches your attention.

These five songs of this new EP are about memories and dreams. All have been created in the silence of the night, and influenced by red wine intoxication. Hence the title; A M; refering to the inner world, the time of creating this record, and the adviced time to listen to it.

'A M' is recorded by Gerrit and Lukas Dikker (LUIK) with help of the Herrek bandmembers.

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