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De Toegift release new single 'De woonwijk'

20 may 22

De Toegift release new single 'De woonwijk' today! The song manifests itself as a cheerful note in the dreamy landscape of De Toegift. With it they released a video as well, which was premiered by Dansende Beren.

Donna Blue release debut album 'Dark Roses'

13 may 22

Donna Blue released their long-awaited debut album ‘Dark Roses’ today! ‘Dark Roses’ is a film score-esque collection of 11 dreamlike tracks. Lining your senses like a mirage, the album plays with the feeling of being alive, yet in a carefully sculpted parallel world. For those who choose to follow into their grainy universe, the reward will be tantalizing: bursting with soundscapes, twangy Western guitars and sensual vocals.

Donna Blue release new single 'The Beginning'

06 may 22

One week before the release of their debut album ‘Dark Roses’, Donna Blue releases one more single. The song is called ‘The Beginning’ and it’s the album’s opening track, which takes you by the hand on a mesmerizing trip deep into the album’s universe. The single is accompanied by a visualizer.

Beachdog release self tilted debut album

29 apr 22

Rock band Beachdog released their self-titled debut album today. It's a rock record that goes from loud to very loud. Fresh neo-grunge, punk and post-hardcore reminiscent of Foo fighters and Soundgarden on the one hand and bands like Turnstile and Touché Amoré on the other. The album features ten songs in total, including previously released singles ‘Dog’, ‘Good Morning ft. Robin Piso’ and ‘Swords Up In The Air’.

Beachdog release new single 'Swords Up In The Air'

15 apr 22

Beachdog releases ‘Swords Up In The Air’ today, a song about fighting giants. It’s the third single taken from their upcoming self-titled debut album, which will be released exactly two weeks from now on April 29th. With it they released an amazing performance video made by Set Vexy.




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