Crawl in Pieces 7"Beachdog





Crawl in Pieces 7"

Vinyl 7" / Digital
(21-189 / 21-190)
Released: 19 Nov 2021

While the world was on fire, Beachdog spent the past two years getting ready until it was time, and that time is now. Finally, there is a new loud rock band with enough accessible songs to appeal to a large audience. An audience that has missed going wild in sweaty halls with friends, fists in the air.

Their first 7” ('Crawl in Pieces') shows a sound that goes from grunge to punk to post-hardcore. Two songs that are reminiscent of Basement and Touché Amoré, but also of Foo Fighters and Soundgarden. A sound that fills a gap in the Dutch band scene that had to be filled for years.

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Crawl In Pieces

Released: 08 Oct 2021