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Broeder Dieleman releases new single ‘De Koeter’

30 sep 22

Broeder Dieleman release new single 'De Koeter' today. 'De Koeter’ is the follow up of previous released ‘De Eerste Knecht’ and together they form a musical postcard about a farm in West Zeeuws Flanders, early 20th century. The song is inspired by a story of Leo Bootsgezel from 1923. De Koeter, or Cow-keeper, was a child who grazes the cows along the dikes. Koeters were taken out of school to earn money for the family. They were the workhorse of the farm, had to do all kinds of chores and were often treated like a scourge.

De Toegift releases second EP

02 sep 22

De Toegift releases their second EP ‘Nooit, misschien’ today! The EP contains the previous released singles ‘De woonwijk’ and ‘Soms’, and new song ‘Meer dan ooit’. ‘Nooit, misschien’ philosophizes about the different ways in which time moves. Apparent contradictions connect three songs about finding hope, losing hope and questioning the final. 

De Toegift releases new single 'Soms'

01 jul 22

De Toegift releases new single 'Soms' today. The song is an ode to self-doubt and the second single leading up to upcoming EP ‘Nooit, misschien’, which will be released on September 2nd. This new single also includes a nerve-racking collage of strings by violinist Hester Julia Voddé. With it they released this 3D-animation video by digital/visual artist Milo Poelman.


Broeder Dieleman releases new music

24 jun 22

Broeder Dieleman releases new single 'De Eerste Knecht' today! The song finds its origin in the recordings for latest album ‘De Liefde is de Eerste Wet’ (2020) and a Leo Bootsgezel story ‘als de lente komt’ from 1923. ‘De Eerste Knecht’ is part of a two-piece, the second part will be released later this year. Yesterday broeder Dieleman also announced three bandshows for this fall. Tickets are now available via our site. 

De Toegift release new single 'De woonwijk'

20 may 22

De Toegift release new single 'De woonwijk' today! The song manifests itself as a cheerful note in the dreamy landscape of De Toegift. With it they released a video as well, which was premiered by Dansende Beren.




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