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Town of Saints: 'The Silent Sea'

18 feb 15

Director Sacha Polak chose Town of Saints' The Silent Sea to be featured in a scene of ZURICH. The band can be seen and heard in the film, whilst playing the song.

Singer Harmen Ridderbos on the collaboration:
"The Silent Sea is about a desolate place where people do not talk about the past. The thought behind the song, as well as the atmosphere, match the film perfectly. The movie pictures a desolate place just like I envisioned while writing this song. We're very happy with the way the two got together."

I Am Oak - Berlin Sessions

12 jan 15

While on tour in December I Am Oak recorded two songs for Berlin Sessions. Check it out!!

I Am Oak - Own

I Am Oak - Famine

New single: broeder Dieleman - Brasil

23 dec 14

We proudly present broeder Dieleman's new Single Brasil!

Broeder Dieleman's 'Brasil' is the soundtrack for 'Braziliaanse Koorts' (Brazilian Fever), a documentary that tells the forgotten but dramatic migration story of several hundreds of people from Zeeland who moved to Brazil between 1858-1862. Even today some descendants living in the Brazilian inlands still speak Zealandic. The film, made by Monique Schoutsen and Arjan van Westen will be screened in both the Netherlands and Brasil.

For more information and the trailer of Braziliaanse Koorts:

Snowstar Records December bonus

08 dec 14

For the rest of the month we're offering a special end of year bonus to everyone who orders something in our webshop. On every order we're including an extra surprise release as an early Christmas present. For you, or a friend. Enjoy!

Snowstar Christmas

Snowstar Records Revue - Aftermovie

04 dec 14

Last week, on Friday 28-11-2014 we presented the first ever Snowstar Records Revue at Explore The North in Leeuwarden.

In one long three hour All-Star show featuring The World of Dust, I Am Oak, broeder Dieleman, Herrek, Kim Janssen and Black Oak we explored the north in true Snowstar fashion.

3voor12/Friesland wrote that the show contained enough highlights and diversity to remain interesting for the full three hours. Read the article here.

Melanie Marsman Photography made an aftermovie of the very special night:




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