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Interview: broeder Dieleman

23 sep 14

Over the past week broeder Dieleman toured across the country with Will Oldham (Bonnie 'Prince' Billy) and The Cairo Gang. Today one week ago he spoke to 3VOOR12 in front of the Doopsgezinde kerk in Utrecht. In a lengthy conversation they discussed that particular Royal Dutch Tour, his new album 'Gloria', Dieleman's personal beliefs and playing a support show for Typhoon.

Read the interview here.
Really, do read it, amazing stuff (in Dutch).

Reactions on broeder Dieleman's new album 'Gloria' are amazingly beautiful:

***** "Unique" - Dagblad van het Noorden / Leeuwarder Courant
"A Record of intense beauty" - De Volkskrant
"Broeder Dieleman rises above himself and delivers a glorious masterpiece" - Subjectivisten
"Beautiful tragic and intensity. Intriguing artist, this brother" - Kindamuzik

You can listen to the full album on Snowstar.nl. Or order the album here!

Or listen to broeder Dieleman speaking about his album 'Gloria' on Radio1. (also in Dutch)
broeder Dieleman - Nooit Meer Slapen

Something To Fight With Tour Edition

19 sep 14

Today we're releasing Town of Saints' Something To Fight With Tour Edition!! The re-release of their debut album contains the original Stand Up recording (pts I & II) and four new songs, including single Miner's Song.

You can listen to the full album on Bandcamp. Or order the album here!

Tour Edition

Snowstar Records Tour News

15 sep 14

Several Snowstar artists announced new tour-dates lately, we wanted to pay extra attention to four of those announcements which we find really exciting.

broeder Dieleman is starting his tour with Bonny 'Prince' Billy and The Cairo Gang tonight (15 September). On their Royal Dutch Tour they will play 7 shows in small churches throughout the Netherlands, all of them fully acoustic.

I Am Oak announced a Tour in Germany and Austria in November, and another three German tour-dates in December. Last but not least, I Am Oak is also playing New Fall Festival in Düsseldorf in October!

The World Of Dust announced another one of his very rare live shows. He's playing at Ruimte voor Kunst in De Bilt on the 21st of September.

Town of Saints is going in an incredible tour in October and November. We've mentioned it before, so here's a link to their showlist.

Update: Town of Saints

15 sep 14

This Friday Town of Saints is releasing the 'Something To Fight With Tour Edition, including new single Miner's Song

Following the re-release of their debut album they're playing shows in no less than 12 countries on their MTV presents Town of Saints Tour 2014. This amazing adventure will be kicked off in Ludwig, Amsterdam, coming Thursday: the 18th of september. For more information on their tour, including tourdates, click here.

See the video for Miner's Song here:

New broeder Dieleman video: Adriana

09 sep 14

Last week we released broeder Dieleman's new album Gloria and the video for 'Adriana'.

We love it and so does everyone else:
**** - "Melancholic, slow, hopeful, but above all wonderful." - Revu
**** - "Americana from the Zealandic countryside." - Lust For Life
**** - "Songwriter albums are rarely as honest as with this Zealandic singer." - Music maker
"Gloria is without a doubt the most atmospheric album of 2014." - Ingeplugd
"Broeder Dieleman shows the light to others" - OOR
"The fact that Dieleman sings in a dialect, makes his words even more compelling" - Gonzo (circus)

The video for 'Adriana' is made by The Liberation Hunt:
It's about a farmer from Grijpskerke, who is forced to quit working. The makers of the video follow him around his land while he is saying goodbye to all the belongings of his former life. He sold all his cows earlier this year and in the video you see him burn all the last straw from his stable. Moving images, that become even darker with the addition of a song that is "a story about the daily impetuosity of religion", according to Dieleman.




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