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Lian Ray - 'Maps'

27 sep 19

'Maps' by Lian Ray is out now! Make sure to have a listen, and don't forget to pre-order his upcoming debut album 'Rose', which will be released on November 22nd. ‘Maps’ comes together with a lyric video, and is now available everywhere. Go check it out, and don't forget to pre-order the album in our webshop.

Donna Blue - Spain tour

12 sep 19

Great news for Donna Blue! They will go on their first international tour with full band through Spain this winter.
They will play 8 shows in nine days all the way from Santiago de Compastella to Murcia, and from Madrid to Barcalona.
Get your tickets here.

I am Oak - 'Osmosis' Out now!

06 sep 19

The long-awaited sixth studio album by I Am Oak is out now! 'Osmosis' is I Am Oak’s most sonically diverse and vibrant record to date, and invites you to navigate its scope and soothing ambiguity at your own desired pace, comfort, and leisure. The album includes previously released singles ‘Between Worlds’, ‘Will I Wake’, ‘Swells’ and ‘Hidden Cove’. Order the album in our webshop or listen to it right now!

I am Oak releases new single 'Hidden Cove'

23 aug 19

I am Oak's new single 'Hidden Cove' is out now! The video, which pays tribute to Tarkovsky's Stalker is an absolute must-watch. Stream the song here.

Lian Ray releases new single 'Rose' and announces debut album

09 aug 19

Lian Ray releases his second single 'Rose' today. It's the title track of his upcoming album which will be released on the 22nd of November. Listen, watch the video and pre-order the album here: lianray.com




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