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broeder Dieleman - Uut de bron, Luisterpaal

23 nov 15

broeder Dieleman's new album 'Uut de bron' will be released this Friday, but it's already available on the 3VOOR12 Luisterpaal now!

Pre order your copy of the book plus cd and get a signed copy!


I Am Oak 'Our Blood' Tour

05 nov 15

I Am Oak just added several dates in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to their Our Blood release tour in March. Details and ticket info available on the I Am Oak Artist page.


Ian Fisher - Nero, US Release

02 nov 15

Ian Fisher - Nero is out in the USA now, European release will follow on January 29th. We are loving the first US press that is coming in while Ian is touring over there:

"Ian Fisher’s got a way with words only a traveled man can grasp. What began for him in Missouri, USA, has carried him all the way to Berlin in search of songs, and there’s humor, humility, and a sense of gravitas to watermark his latest album as official symbols of his wandering." – American Standard Time

"Fisher crafts simple, yet emotionally complex meanderings … with pen ready to strike a la Billy Bragg meets an old Johnny Cash notebook.” - No Depression

"Spare, gorgeously ambling indie-folk ballad with an instantly memorable guitar-and-piano hook, enticing bait for Fisher's lilting vocals and thoughtful lyricism." - Paste Magazine

"With a lifetime of travelling and experiencing things from all over the world few are as qualified as Ian to write and sing about life.” - Examiner

Pre-order the album in our store


I Am Oak: Belgian Tour Dates

30 oct 15

I Am Oak just added several Belgian dates to their Our Blood release tour in March. Details and ticket info available on the I Am Oak Facebook page.


I Am Oak - Our Blood (album teaser)

23 oct 15

We're releasing the new I Am Oak album 'Our Blood' on the 26th of february 2016. You can pre-order the album already. With every 'Our Blood' pre-order comes an exclusive and limited EP with some of the album songs in a stripped down acoustic version. Only available during pre-order!

Check out the album teaser:




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