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I Am Oak announces tour through Italy

26 sep 16

I Am Oak is touring through Italy this fall! He's visiting the following cities:


Ian Fisher releases new album ‘Koffer’ on the 18th of November

19 sep 16

Ian Fisher is always writing and always traveling. With over a thousand songs under his belt and hundreds of concerts behind him, his new album Koffer highlights the diversity of his songwriting and captures some of the electric energy of his live performance. Koffer, which is the German (and Dutch) word for “suitcase”, is Fisher’s most uptempo record yet with a one-of-a-kind mixture of Viennese flirtatiousness, Berliner grit, and Midwestern Country longing that only a farm-raised American boy living in Europe for the last decade can pull off.

‘Koffer’ is a collection of singles written over the last ten years and recorded over the last five. As Ian says, “A song that I can’t share feels like dead weight. Like a bag you carry around but never unpack.” Koffer will finally be “unpacked” on November 18th in corporation with Snowstar Records in Benelux, Popup Records in Germany, Earcandy in Austria, and Rocketta in Italy.

Pre order the album HERE, and listen to first song 'Whole Lotta Room' HERE!

Koffer Front Cover

Check out the new Music Video for Ian Fisher's 'Invisible Cities'

08 sep 16

Yesterday there was a beautiful Live Video for Ian Fisher's new song 'Invisible Cities', and today he released a great Music Video as well! Check it out right here:

Brand new Live Video for 'invisible cities’ by Ian Fisher

07 sep 16

Intro Magazin just released the brand new Live Video for Ian Fisher’s song ‘invisible cities’, read the article and watch it right HERE!

I Am Oak – 'Our Blood' to be released in Japan

22 aug 16

I am Oak's latest album 'Our Blood' will be released in Japan on the 23rd of October on Sign-pole records inc.!
The release is preceded by a new video for 'Woandering' which you can watch right here:

Here's what Thijs Kuijken, frontman of I Am Oak, has to say about the new video: “The video shows images of a bird’s eye view over a landscape slowly carved out by a flowing river, showing us the path and the many forks that this river has travelled through. The song is about making a journey and not knowing exactly what will happen and where it will end, whilst taking in what happens along the way. The way a river can carry along small rocks and leave them as polished pebbles in a riverbank somewhere farther down the line.”

Order the album right HERE!




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