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Broeder Dieleman: Pinguin Radio Supervisor

23 jun 15

Past Saturday broeder Dieleman was station supervisor at Pinguin Radio. He got to recommend 25 special songs. We'll gladly admit we didn't know a bunch of those songs, but it also includes a few personal favorites, so definitely worth a listen.
The 25 songs broeder Dieleman picked:

Dirty Three – I Remember a Time When You Used To Love Me
June Tabor – No Man’s Land
Gang Starr – Above the Clouds
Pogues – Hell’s Ditch
Vic Chesnutt – I flirted With You All My Life
Kathleen Yearwood Ordeal – Remember Love
Idassanne Wallet Mohammed – Ahiyana
Vigilantes of Love – Double Cure
Sage Francis – Sea Lion
Rowwen Hèze – De Peel in Brand
Tirudel Zenebe – Gue
Willem Vermandere – Voor Marie Louise
Townes Van Zandt – Nothing
Holmes Brothers – I Want Jesus to Walk With Me
Madvillain – Great Day (Four Tet remix)
De Dopegezinde Gemeente – Amsterdam Huilt
Lift to Experience – Into the Storm
Mdou Moctar – Tahoultine
Smog – Say Valley Maker
Baby Dee – Black But Comely
Mahalia Jackson – Live the Life
The Oblivians – Final Stretch
Ries de Vuyst – Eben Haezer
Alasdair Roberts – Farewell Sorrow
Johnny Cash – Spiritual


Town of Saints: Crowdfunding

04 jun 15

Town of Saints are in the studio at the moment, recording their second album. To help them realise it you can support them on their Voordekunst crowdfunding page.

In exchange for your support you'll get acces to exclusive material, an unreleased song and more. Als you can buy the album up front, or even arrange for Town of Saints to play a show at your house. Check it out!


Nieuwe Revue: Bonnie "Prince" Billy & broeder Dieleman

01 may 15

Nieuwe Revu published a 1,5 pages article on the Bonnie "Prince" Billy & broeder Dieleman Split 7".

**** + an interesting perspective on collaborations in general, as well as this one in particular.

Read the review and article here!


New video: Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Gloria

17 apr 15

We just premiered the video for Bonnie "Prince" Billy's version of 'Gloria' at The A.V. Club!

The full split 7" 'Gloria/Drie Vragen' will be available tomorrow as an exclusive Record Store Day release. Get it at your local record store, make sure you don't miss out!

Watch the video now at The A.V. Club:
Bonnie Prince Billy - Gloria

Record Store Day

02 apr 15

Record Store Day is coming up in just over two weeks! If you haven't yet planned your crazy Record Store Day runaround tour like TivoliVredenburg programmer Johan Gijsen has (check Johan's list!(Dutch)) there's probably some time left to squeeze in a Snowstar Record Store Day show. Here are your options:

18/04 Snowstar shows:
11:00 broeder Dieleman - De Waterput, Bergen op Zoom
11:00 I Am Oak - RecordFriend Elpees, Amsterdam
13:30 broeder Dieleman - Grey, Breda
16:00 broeder Dieleman - Velvet Music Leiden
16:00 Town of Saints - Plato Groningen

And of course we're also releasing the Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & broeder Dieleman Split 7". That might just be the most exciting Snowstar release to date. Best of luck hunting down a copy!

It's gonna be a great day, we hope to see you there!

Record Store Day




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