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Luka releases third single 'Tiptoe' ft. Yori

05 jun 20

Luka released the third single from her upcoming album ‘First Steps of Letting Go’ today! The song is called ‘Tiptoe’ and was co-written with YORI Swart. Listen now here.

Broeder Dieleman releases new album ‘De Liefde is de Eerste Wet’

29 may 20

De Liefde is de Eerste Wet' by broeder Dieleman is out now! It's a collection of beautiful stories in the form of 13 songs, expertly cut out by broeder Dieleman and colored by him and his band. Listen or order your copy now.

broeder Dieleman releases new single 'Nieuw raam'

15 may 20

'Nieuw raam' by broeder Dieleman is out now!

It's the second single from his upcoming album ‘De Liefde is de Eerste Wet’, set for release on the 29th of May. The song was made in collaboration with Peter Slager (BLØF), who composed the music and played guitar.

Jack Poels releases new single ‘Zing’

01 may 20

One and a half months after the release of the very well received solo debut album 'Blauwe Vear' by Rowwen-Hèze frontman Jack Poels, he already made a completely new song. The single is called ‘Zing’. Jack Poels sings "for sad houses, dark roofs, even when the sun shines again tomorrow" and was inspired by a video of a woman singing in empty Italian streets to give citizens courage in these trying times.The song is released together with a beautiful animated video, made by Ruud Geuijen.

Luka & broeder Dieleman release new singles and announce album

03 apr 20

Not one, but two single releases today!

broeder Dieleman released his single 'Jakobsladder', and announced new album 'De Liefde is de Eerste Wet' which is set for release on the 29th of May. Listen/pre-order here.

And Luka also announced a new album, called 'First Steps of Letting Go' set for release on the 4th of September. Second single 'Same Song' is out now, listen/pre-order here.




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