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Lian Ray releases new single 'Rose' and announces debut album

09 aug 19

Lian Ray releases his second single 'Rose' today. It's the title track of his upcoming album which will be released on the 22nd of November. Listen, watch the video and pre-order the album here: lianray.com

Lian Ray signs with Snowstar Records

27 jun 19

French singer-songwriter Lian Ray signed with Snowstar Records today. To celebrate the new collaboration Lian Ray releases his first-ever single ‘Mateo’ today, accompanied with a lyric video. ‘Mateo’ is now available everywhere.

Lian Ray is a French songwriter who recently exiled himself to Amsterdam after a decade spent battling his demons in Berlin. He excels in honest, nocturnal pop songs with an emphasis on dark romanticism. Lian Ray about the new collaboration with Snowstar: “The music from the Snowstar family has held a very very special place in my heart for the last decade so it feels like home already!”

Mateo’ is a song of longing written through the prism of a destructive love triangle. The singer tells the story of falling for his muse Rose, while at the same time aching at the thought of her going back to her boyfriend Mateo. It hurts, but it feels so good - something that can also be said about this melancholy pop noir gem.

'Mateo' came with a beautiful lyric video. Watch it here:

I am Oak - Swells

21 jun 19

After releasing single ‘Between Worlds’ and announcing a tour through Germany earlier this year, I am Oak now announces their upcoming album ‘Osmosis’. With the announcement the Dutch band releases their brand-new single ‘Swells’, accompanied by an atmospheric video. ‘Osmosis’ is set for release on September 6th on Snowstar Records, after which a tour through the Netherlands will follow. Pre-order the upcoming album 'Osmosis' now in the Snowstar webshop and get a free tote bag!

I am Oak is known for their modest and calm songs with guitar at the core originally. But with their upcoming album 'Osmosis' they reinvented their sound, writing songs on the piano as a starting point, which can really be heard on their new song 'Swells'. Thijs Kuijken about the single: In the song Swells I got to explore the more atmospheric aspect of the piano sound, using it to create both a very complex and full sound as well as a very minimalistic approach with a lot of open spaces - all combined into one song.”

The song also came with a beautiful video clip. The video for ‘Swells’ alludes to Eastern philosophies of harmony and balance. In the video we see video maker Martijn Bastiaans’ meditation on the evanescence of the natural world, shot during his residency on one of the Faroe Islands. A solitary, staggering horse at its center, subjected to the elements and surrounded by a landscape shaped over time by wind and water."I kept seeing a horse from the house we were staying at, on a mountain far away. I wanted to investigate further and looked for the owner. Years ago, the farmer got the horse for his daughter, but she lost interest in her almost immediately. Now the horse is almost 20 years old and has been standing in the same place in the mountains for years. Time has come to a halt there. The farmer wants to get rid of her, soon he will dig a hole.." According to video maker Martijn Bastiaans.

I am Oak announces a tour through the Netherlands as well, next to his already announced tour through Germany. They will play the following venues:
15-09 De Nijverheid, Utrecht (Release show) (NL)
25-09 Het Depot, Leuven (BE)
12-12 Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL)
13-12 Stille Nacht, Rotterdam (NL)
19-12 Muziekgieterij, Maastricht (NL)
20-12 Vera, Groningen (NL)
11-01 Merleyn, Nijmegen (NL)
01-02 Muziekcentrum, Dranouter (BE)

Get your tickets over at www.snowstar.nl/shows.

Donna Blue 7" EP

03 may 19

Donna Blue releases their brand new 7” EP today. The second self-titled EP features three songs: the cheeky French single ‘1 2 3’, the dreamy ‘Get Away’ and the all new ‘Arlene’s’, which is about a rendez-vous in another time and place. It mesmerizes you into believing that you will get to meet someone you feel you’ve known through many different dimensions. The new song 'Arlene's' comes with a beautiful video, which has been premiered earlier today on Clash Magazine (UK).

There’s only a limited amount of 300 hand numbered copies of the 7 inch available. The EP is now available everywhere and can be ordered in the Snowstar webshop. 

New song ‘Arlene’s’ also came with a stunning video, made by Donna Blue themselves, is their own version of a 70s sci fi cult movie. It zooms in on the idea of different dimensions than the one we are in. How we don’t know if ours is the only one, if maybe we are just tiny beings in a raindrop amongst many other raindrops. And how, in all of this, this gigantic overwhelming thought experiment, you can still find someone you feel like you want to float through space and time with. Watch it here.

I am Oak - Between Worlds

26 apr 19

After releasing the two singles ‘Will I Wake’ and ‘Golden Pavilion’ last year, it’s time for another new song by I am Oak. ‘Between Worlds’ is their first single of 2019, and there’s more to follow by the Dutch indie band. 

Between Worlds’ is about the search for a bridge between worlds. The song describes the feeling you can get when you’re not quite sure what you are doing or where you want to go. There are two sound worlds’ that co-exist together in ‘Between Worlds’ The focus alternates between them throughout the song, leading us from one world into the other and back again.

‘Between Worlds’ is now available everywhere. Next to releasing the new single, the Utrecht based band also announces a Germany tour in October, for which tickets are on sale now.

They will play the following venues:
17/10   Kassette, Düsseldorf
18/10   Musikbunker, Aachen
19/10   Cafe Nun, Karlsruhe
20/10   Hafen 2, Offenbach
21/10   Volksbühne am Kaulenberg, Halle/Saale
22/10   Knust, Hamburg
23/10   Tower, Bremen
24/10   BiNuu, Berlin
25/10   Altes Wettbüro, Dresden
26/10   Wohnzimmerkonzerte, Magdeburg
27/10   Pension Schmidt, Münster

Get your tickets over at www.snowstar.nl/shows




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