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I Am Oak releases new single 'Golden Pavilion'

20 sep 18

I am Oak releases a new single and video called 'Golden Pavilion' today!

Before heading out on tour in Japan together with Kim Janssen, I am Oak releases new single ‘Golden Pavilion’ which is now available everywhere. After releasing their last studio album ‘Our Blood’ on Japanese label Sign-Pole Records, I am Oak will now go to Tokyo to play four shows. ‘Golden Pavilion’ is based upon Kinkaku-ji, a Temple in Kyoto. Thijs Kuijken (I am Oak) made the video accompanying the single himself.

In light of the four upcoming shows in Japan, I am Oak decided to write a new song for the occasion. Thijs Kuijken: “I grabbed my Casio SK-1 keyboard, which is a Japanese invention, fired up its built-in ‘Rock’ rhythm and went to work on a song inspired by Japan. This song became 'Golden Pavilion'”.


Town of Saints releases new single 'Weeds' with music video

13 sep 18

Town of Saints just released their new single with music video called 'Weeds'. It's the third single of their upcoming album 'Celebrate' which will be released on the 5th of October. Watch the music video here.

‘Weeds’ is available now on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer and Bandcamp.

Schermafbeelding 2018-09-14 om 01.29.14

broeder Dieleman releases double album 'Komma'

06 sep 18

The long awaited -and very special- album of broeder Dieleman is now available online and in record stores. ‘Komma’ is a limited release of a double album and photobook in one. Every single copy has been signed and hand numbered by broeder Dieleman​ himself. He also made all the pictures in the beautiful book, with an analogue camera.

Press so far is just as enthusiastic as:
***** "A successful mix of disciplines, which form a strong whole together"- Musicmaker​
"A unique work of art. A true masterpiece" - WoNoMagazine
***** - Lust For Life Magazine​

You can listen to the album here, or order it over here!


Elton John plays Donna Blue

24 aug 18

This is something really special. Apparently none other than sir Elton John likes 'Sunset Blvd' by Donna Blue! He'll play it on his Rocket Hour radio show on Beats 1 this weekend.

Make sure to tune in, it’s on air Saturday 9AM LA time and Sunday 6PM LA time. (Listen Live HERE)


broeder Dieleman releases new single, pre-order 'Komma' starts

10 aug 18

De Groeten’ is the first single of ‘Komma’, the long awaited new double album and book by broeder Dieleman. The song is a spoken word jazz-ballad with folk instruments which partly consists of childhood memories and partly of reflections on a waterfront. It’s a first taste of what ‘Komma’ will be like when it’s released on the 7th of September on Snowstar Records.

‘Komma’ can be pre-ordered now, ‘De Groeten’ is available here.

De Groeten




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