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I Am Oak releases 'Odd Seeds (Part 1)'

20 nov 20

I Am Oak releases the first part of his upcoming album ‘Odd Seeds’ digitally today! With the release of the full album set for December 18th, you can now listen to 14 of the 26 songs in total. Listen to ‘Odd Seeds (Part 1)’ now

Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of ‘Odd Seeds’, which comes as limited double LP and cassette tape. Pre-orders get an exclusive I Am Oak tote bag and stickers for free, and there are multiple special bundle offers with older releases by the band in our webshop.

I Am Oak - Announces new album and releases first single 'Furrows'

06 nov 20

It’s release day for I Am Oak! He releases new single ‘Furrows’ today, to announce his new album called ‘Odd Seeds’. The album is a collection of 26 special version of existing songs by I Am Oak, which he recorded back in April and March while he was confined at home just like everyone else. All of them fresh and all of them special in their own way. There’s even a new song called ‘That’s That’.

Listen to ‘Furrows’ now, and pre-order the album while you’re at it. You can find some special offers in our webshop!

Remy releases 'An alternative soundtrack to the motion picture The Red Turtle'

30 oct 20

Remy's first solo harp album 'An alternative soundtrack to the motion picture The Red Turtle' is OUT NOW!

Dutch Harpist Remy van Kesteren releases the alternative soundtrack he made for award winning and Oscar-nominated film ‘The Red Turtle’ today, which features previously released singles ‘april’ and ‘amber’. ‘An alternative soundtrack to the motion picture The Red Turtle’ is available now everywhere, with the LP and CD including sketches and liner notes by none other than Michael Dudok de Wit himself, the Dutch Oscar winning director of the movie.

This evening Remy van Kesteren will celebrate the release of the album with a livestream on his Facebook page at 8:30 PM CET. It will be at a special location, which fits the theme of the album artwork.

Listen to the album here.

Luka releases 'First Steps of Letting Go'

09 oct 20

Luka's debut album 'First Steps of Letting Go' is OUT NOW!

‘First Steps Of Letting Go’ navigates from hushed electronics to catchy indie pop and takes all the exciting musical back roads in between. With the ten songs that form her debut album, Luka takes enormous steps forward and creates an open, honest, adventurous and above all very authentic sound.

Listen to the album here

Remy van Kesteren releases second single 'amber' from his upcoming album

02 oct 20

Remy van Kesteren releases the second single 'amber' from his upcoming album 'An alternative soundtrack to the motion picture The Red Turtle', set for release on the 30th of October! Celebrating the release of the album, Remy will premiere a live-performance of the soundtrack, with a screening of the film, at LIFF on the 1st of November.

Listen to the single here





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