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Luka & broeder Dieleman release new singles and announce album

03 apr 20

Not one, but two single releases today!

broeder Dieleman released his single 'Jakobsladder', and announced new album 'De Liefde is de Eerste Wet' which is set for release on the 29th of May. Listen/pre-order here.

And Luka also announced a new album, called 'First Steps of Letting Go' set for release on the 4th of September. Second single 'Same Song' is out now, listen/pre-order here.

Solo-album Jack Poels (Rowwen Hèze) released today

27 mar 20

Jack Poels' long-awaited solo debut album 'Blauwe Vear' is finally here! It's now available everywhere online, and don't forget to order your copy.

Jack Poels releases the title track for his upcoming album 'Blauwe Vear'

20 mar 20

Solo debut album 'Blauwe Vear' by Jack Poels will be released next week, and to ease the waiting a bit he released the title track today! It comes with a beautiful video, featuring Jan Hendriks and BJ Baartmans as well.

Listen to the song here, and watch the video here.

Lian Ray releases pop noir debut album ‘Rose’

13 mar 20

Lian Ray's debut album 'Rose' is out now! Despite the ups and downs he had, it finally sees the light 8 years after being recorded. Make sure to give it a listen and get your copy now.

Donna Blue releases new EP ‘Inbetween’ before heading to the US

06 mar 20

Donna Blue released their new 'Inbetween' EP today! It contains five beautiful songs that take you into their own universe. Listen now.

Don't forget to get your tickets for tonight's show at De Nijverheid!




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